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Why choose Satech?

Customization Service


Any customization service for your BLE beacon orders become rather easy because of our complete organizations, then it is flexible to develop any beacon PCB, flexible to modify the beacon firmware for you, and flexible to manufacture the housing and label your beacons and package, etc.

Excellent Quality


Excellent quality always shall root in each detail, we are the executor working on each process. Strict QC on PCB process from PCB design to PCB fabrication, from the component sourcing to PCB assembly and from PCBA test to housing assembly, and same QC standard on testing and packaging each beacon. This is not only for making sure of excellent-quality delivery, but also for costing our beacons down.



As a top 5 PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China, we SATECH LTD have accumulated rich experience in providing turnkey electronic manufacturing services (including the PCB design & fabrication, component sourcing, PCBA and housing assembly) for some BLE beacon brands at home and abroad.

Beacon Experts


With the rich experience in EMS for BLE beacons and the organization of our own expert development team, SATECHBeacon is growing into an excellent BLE beacon brand equipped with our patented housing design, our own PCB design, our own firmware and our own setting App, etc.


February 2005

The beginning of SATECH LTD

As a trading company located in Shenzhen, SATECH LTD equipped with a team of 6 employees was established and sold PCB & PCBA in domestic market by partnering with a PCB factory.

May 2007

The beginning of our own PCB production line

With the business expansion, the founders decided to set up 2 production lines for PCB fabrication. This is our beginning as a real manufacturer, and our market was still based on China.

October 2011

Moved to Dongguan and started PCBA business

Response to the environment renovation policy of Shenzhen government, our PCB plant had to be moved to the nearby city Dongguan and at same time our PCB assembly production lines were set up.

February 2015

Sales & marketing office moved back to Shenzhen

Considering better business climate and more convenient delivery and other factors, the sales & marketing centre was moved back to and registered in Longgang, Shenzhen.

March 2016

BLE4.0 beacon business group set up

The sales & marketing director Mr. Tony Cheng organized to set up BLE Beacon Business Group, equipped with a technical development team of 5 S & H engineers and 6 salesmen.

June 2016

1st generation BLE beacon tag samples presented, a new brand image 

With nearly 4-month efforts, the first generation 10 types of single iBeacon and single Eddystone were released some samples, and our own configuration App named as Beaconfig launched.

May 2017

2nd generation--BLE iBeacon + Eddystone samples presented

Single iBeacon, especially single Eddystone has some narrow limitation in applications and development, 5 patented types of BLE iBeacon + Eddystone launched and were released samples.

July 2018

Our development center was built up and located in Ausburg, Germany

To make up the deficiency of platform development, partnered with located in Germany which is a CMMI level 5 company and richly-experienced in developing BLE beacon application and management software.

BLE Beacon Hardware

APP & Development Platform

SATECHBeacon Configuration Tool--Beaconfig

Easily program or modify the SATECHBeacon’s parameter values, and flexible to switch from different working modes (iBeacon, Eddystone, Phyweb, iBeacon+Eddystone) on the App named by Beaconfig.

Flexible Development Platform

Android SDK and iOS SDK can be downloaded by contacting our sales for helping you develop your own running App and management platform. Besides, our technical team is always on standby for assisting on firmware customization.


Key Members

Tony Cheng
Co-founder & CEO
Allen Cheng
Chief Sales Manager
Sun Hui
Sr. Account Manager
Daisy Shi
Co-founder & CFO
Shi Wei
Chief QC Engineer
Maciej Sagal
Platform Partner

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