How SATECH Beacon used


As a professional project manager, you may often be faced with some following questions, for example:
*How to broaden our advertisement to increase our sales?
*How to aid users in a public space?
*How to monitor and optimize my supply chain?
*How to solve specific business problems with specific Bluetooth solutions?
SATECHBeacon may be a helper and can help you solve the application problems from the BLE technical level. SATECHBeacons are already used for:
1.Advertisement/Notification/Announcement Broadcasting
2.Indoor Tracking/Navigating/Positioning
3.Environment Monitoring/Management

Here we give you some you some application examples to help you check whether you shall be interested in BLE beacon technology.


One of the beacons’ more practical use cases is something many of us would never have guessed. In manufacturing and transport, managers need to know exactly where goods are at any given time. By attaching beacons, they can always have that information. In fact, they can even see the information from previous days or weeks.

Creating accurate “GPS for indoor navigation” is a popular beacon use case. What Google Maps does for the outdoors, beacons can do for the indoors. They can tell you where you are and where you’re going in a museum, festival, or train station.


Beacons can make reactions automated and trigger events. When you enter a room, the projector starts. It sends notifications or acts as a loyalty card. If you make a purchase at your local cafe, beacons help the app register that you were there. On your tenth entry, you get a free latte—awesome!


Whether it’s making sure patients don’t go in the wrong wing or alerting factory workers to dangerous changes, beacons can automatically send notifications (either to app users or property owners) about a safety issue. Beacons can also be paired with geofencing to add an extra layer to data security.


Data is one of the biggest tools at a company’s disposal. Beacons help generate data on where customers are going or where common problems occur on an assembly line. The online platform can store information on which beacons are being triggered and how users are interacting with them.


Choose a form factor and features that work best for your applications and vertical requirements

Platform Development

You always have to develop your own management platform to manage the beacons and the data, because you are the manager!

Except for the hardware beacons, what we can give you are the following technical support sources:
--SDK: iOS SDK and Android SDK can be got by contacting our sales when you get our samples.
--API: Our API is open to any developer, it can be got by contacting our sales when you are in the process of development.
--Communication Protocol: It can lead a developer to make interface compatible between our beacons and your developing platform.
--GPIO: If you design and develop your own firmware but need to flash it onto our beacons, the technical doc will be helpful to adjust the compatibility.

Hardware Management

You can manage each beacon with an iD---Barcode and MAC code.

Program the data for each beacon: You shall download and install our demo App to program the data for each beacon. Scanning and finding it with the Barcode or MAC code labeled with a paper sticker, and then clicking into modifying the default data as you hope.

Hardware Installation

Easy to deploy each beacon with 3M tape on wall, glass or wood, etc.
Each beacon is equipped with a 3M tape, and this is easy to help you fix any beacon on wall, glass or wood even metal items. Don’t worry about the tape quality, once it is pasted, it can be forever!

A special model with screws for tracking asset or valued items

If you still have any puzzlement on using the beacon, please contact our sales team, they will pass on it to our technical team and give you response soon.