Who we are

SATECHBeacon, established in March, 2016, is a technical BLE beacon BUSINESS GROUP (BG) under the deployment of SATECH LTD. Before this, as a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer, we SATECH LTD provided turnkey electronic manufacturing services (including the PCB fabrication, component sourcing, PCB assembly and housing assembly) for some BLE beacon brands at home and abroad. Based on the rich experience and the market expansion trend of BLE beacon, in March of 2017 we started to organize the BG to build our own brand by designing and developing our PCB, Housing, Firmware and Configuration APP, etc.
With the support of SATECH LTD, it also makes us easier to provide flexible customization services for your BLE beacon projects. Easier to customize your PCB design, easier to choose the best IC solution, easier to modify even design the BLE beacon firmware and easier to label your logo, etc.
Let's work together in the field of BLE beacon.
Tony Cheng (我本人真实签名和照片附此)
Co-founder & CEO

Who we are
Who we are

Our History

February 2005

The beginning of SATECH LTD

As a trading company located in Shenzhen, SATECH LTD equipped with a team of 6 employees was established and sold PCB & PCBA in domestic market by partnering with a PCB factory.

May 2007

The beginning of our own PCB production line

With the business expansion, the founders decided to set up 2 production lines for PCB fabrication. This is our beginning as a real manufacturer, and our market was still based on China.

October 2011

Moved to Dongguan and started PCBA business

Response to the environment renovation policy of Shenzhen government, our PCB plant had to be moved to the nearby city Dongguan and at same time our PCB assembly production lines were set up.

February 2015

Sales & marketing office moved back to Shenzhen

Considering better business climate and more convenient delivery and other factors, the sales & marketing centre was moved back to and registered in Longgang, Shenzhen.

March 2016

BLE4.0 beacon business group set up

The sales & marketing director Mr. Tony Cheng organized to set up BLE Beacon Business Group, equipped with a technical development team of 5 S & H engineers and 6 salesmen.

June 2016

1st generation BLE beacon tag samples presented, a new brand image 

With nearly 4-month efforts, the first generation 10 types of single iBeacon and single Eddystone were released some samples, and our own configuration App named as Beaconfig launched.

May 2017

2nd generation--BLE iBeacon + Eddystone samples presented

Single iBeacon, especially single Eddystone has some narrow limitation in applications and development, 5 patented types of BLE iBeacon + Eddystone launched and were released samples.

July 2018

Our development center was built up and located in Ausburg, Germany

To make up the deficiency of platform development, partnered with KingApp.de located in Germany which is a CMMI level 5 company and richly-experienced in developing BLE beacon application and management software.

Who we are

PCB & PCBA manufacturer

PCB + Components + SMT/DIP = PCBA, Good BLE Beacons Depend on Good PCBA.
SATECH LTD is firstly a PCB & PCBA manufacturer, which was mentioned before. This is a good foundation stone to start our brand BLE beacon’s development. From the beacon PCB design and BOM design to PCB assembly & housing assembly, this electronic manufacturing is our specialty. Easier to finish the hardware parts and better to control production cost, this makes our SATECHBeacon tags become more competitive in the aspects of quality, pricing and lead time.

PCB Design
Most of SATECHBeacon PCBs are based on 2-layer or 4-layer design, in limited PCB dimension the less is the PCB layer, the less is the PCB cost. Each type of SATECHBeacon PCB always undergoes many-time modification and testing to fix the design.

Component Solutions
Each component for the beacons is a solution, a fixed BOM list for SATECHBeacon PCBA is more so.  We don’t choose the cheapest but choose the most appropriate components. Take an example, so to speak, nRF51822 has been an economical chip solution for good BLE beacons, but all our beacons are still used the nRF52832 although it is a little more expensive than nRF51822. nRF52832 is more stable and lower power Tx.

SMT/DIP for PCBA Quality
In our PCBA plant, 8 SMT lines and 3 DIP lines are equipped for higher-quality PCB assembly, especially the purely-automatic 8 SMT lines do not only enhance the PCBA quality but also the capacity of our SATECHBeacon tags. In China, few PCBA manufacturers are able to afford the 12 lines.

BLE Beacon expert

Good Hardware + Perfect Firmware + Complete Technical Support = Excellent SATECHBeacon
SATECHBeacon is a new brand, although BLE beacon is also a new industry. We have been laying a solid foundation to hit the spot until we are fully qualified for producing the good enough hardware parts and becoming expert in the field. Good hardware includes high-quality PCBA and mould, we have done it. Perfect firmware was developed, tested and debugged to be sufficient to run very smoothly, we have done it. Every sales executor participated in a series of technical training and even producing activities until they are all professional enough to cope with some complete technical service solutions on their own, we have done it.

Private Mould Design Patented
By joining hands with our partnership mould manufacturer, each type of SATECHBeacon tags experienced in professional design and then was patented. Our team always consider the pleasant craft quality, the convenience of opening the housing to change batteries and the better waterproof level prior to the mould manufacturing cost. When you question these, let our samples convince you then.

Self-owned Firmware
With the experience in producing and distributing some BLE beacon brands, SATECHBeacon team is not difficult to optimize in designing ourselves-owned firmware. It is optimized in taking some sensor functions into consideration including G sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, etc. Not many other brands can do for this. Besides, we are happy to customize a firmware and help you bootload a firmware.

User-friendly Configuration App
A self-owned brand BLE beacon usually comes with a self-designed configuration App, ours is named Beaconfig. When you play it for programming our beacon’s parameter values, you will feel it amazing. Very easy to convert from different working modes (iBeacon, Eddystone, Phyweb, iBeacon+Eddystone, etc.) and different broadcasting protocols (UUID, UID, URL, TLM, etc.). Go to Apple Store or Google Play to find it.

Who we are
Who we are

Customized service provider

Labeled Mould + Labeled Firmware + Labeled Beacon + Labeled Package = Yourself-owned Brand
Not many electronic manufacturing service (EMS) suppliers are able to play BLE beacons, because they don’t concentrate on the technology, likewise, not many BLE beacon brands are qualified to provide a complete customization service system because they don’t experience in each link. We did, and we are the complete customization service provider in the field of BLE beacon. We label your mould, your beacon, your firmware and even your package, then you start your own brand. Look, we can do:
Mould design-Mould manufacturing, Firmware design and modification, Silk printing or laser printing of your logo, Package design-manufacturing.

Excellent quality executor

Strict QC + Fast Lead Time = Perfect Order Delivery, we are the QC executor for each perfect order delivery.
In most cases, some BLE beacon brands always rest on the QC of finished items without the participation of other production links. Take an example, if they don’t produce the PCB by themselves, they can not perform a good obligation as the QC executor in PCB production and delivery. Some tolerance of reject ratio is always acquiescent in a bad QC system. When the complete production of BLE beacon is finished, the tolerance has become abnormally increased. The terrible thing is that the finished item is only tested whether it is able to power on or not then packaged for delivery. The function testing in PCB assembly and the engineering testing (test whether the PCBA can be flashed with firmware or not) are ignored. A complete SATECHBeacon tag production is finished in our plant and under our own QC system, so it is not only ensured of good quality but also reduced the production cost because of 100% delivery.

Strict QC also decides a fast lead time. Only when we control each production link to avoid any quality accident, a fast delivery can be ensured. From beacon PCB to PCBA, from housing production to assembly, from function testing to firmware testing and from package to ex-warehouse, all of them are in order. Let each order delivery be perfect.

Who we are

Key Members

Tony Cheng
Co-founder & CEO
Allen Cheng
Chief Sales Manager
Sun Hui
Sr. Account Manager
Daisy Shi
Co-founder & CFO
Shi Wei
Chief QC Engineer
Maciej Sagal
Platform Partner
Tony Cheng
Co-founder & CEO